How to Solve Android SDK Error : Unable to Resolve Target ‘Android-x’

Currently, I’m working on my Java semester final project. It’s an Android application which can control several task of computer . So, I found a similar project on internet and imported that project in eclipse. But, It showed me an error Unable to resolve target ‘android-7 ’ and I found the solution. If you’re facing this messages.

It means system couldn’t find the proper Android SDK  version. If the android SDK is installed correctly the problem is that the platform SDK requested by the “” is not installed. Like :

You can fix this by Android SDK setup utility.

Eclipse – Windows\Android SDK and AVD Manager\Available packages

You might need this(Questions form Stackoverflow)

Android change SDK version in Eclipse? Unable to resolve target android-x

Android requires compiler compliance level 5.0 or 6.0. Found ‘1.7’ instead. Please use Android Tools > Fix Project Properties